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Real Estate Agents!

Multiply Your Real Estate Revenue With the Winner’s Agent Profit Plan

Three secrets to amaze, close and prosper more in your real estate business.

Review our strategies, then set up our one-to-one meeting to discover how you can profit more in your real estate business.

Which of these strategies resonate with you?  Which ones are you the most interested in partnering on so we can help each other continue to build our businesses?

Choose the strategies you would like to learn more about below, then click “Request Meeting”.  We’ll follow up with you at the earliest possible moment to schedule a convenient time on our calendars.

We’ll meet in person or online and go deeper into one or more strategies on how we can profit more together.

Then look forward to how our potential partnership can create more business and profit for each of us as we work together.

Secret #1 – A smooth transaction process … Helping you look good …

Close peacefully on time …  seamlessly, no surprises …

Without having to chase after information or other people to do their jobs.

How to overcome the 85 Real Estate Earthquakes that can go wrong with a real estate transaction.

How to overcome the 85 Real Estate Earthquakes that can go wrong with a real estate transaction.

How our exclusive Winner’s Mortgage Program makes the process more smooth and more peaceful, so your customer and you both WIN.

How a Real Mortgage Consultant, not just a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer, strengthens your client relationship and closing.

Secret #2 – New business for both of us …  Growing your business …

Explode your business with the right partnerships…

And what are your current loan officers doing to help you grow your business anyway?

How our co-branded home search site can get customers and help keep them loyal to us.

How our complete marketing kit helps you to win new listings, market your listings and lead your buyers to their dream home.

How our system captures leads for you that you can automatically follow up with drip campaigns to stay top of mind and WIN more business for you.

Secret #3 – An extraordinary customer experience …  Promoting you above the crowd …

Receive more raving 5-star reviews by giving your customers an exceptional 5-star experience they can’t have anywhere else …

And get more referrals from their friends, family and co-workers.

How our exclusive Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan elevates you with your client and helps make them even more committed to you.

How my exclusive Loan Payment Freedom Secrets program can build solid client loyalty for you.

How my exclusive training “How to Pay Less for Your Mortgage With Three Simple Secrets” can solidify your relationship with your client.

Real Estate Agent Meeting Request

Please provide the following information, then click "Request Meeting" to schedule our meeting together.
  • Choose your top three strategies below that you are interested in discussing further.
  • Choose whether you prefer to meet in person (Minneapolis SW suburbs) or online. We will follow up to confirm the location and the time.
  • Check these boxes to confirm that you have reviewed this information about Winner's Mortgage and Harvey Bernard. Based on your review, you have a good sense of how Winner's Mortgage and Harvey Bernard are different than just any typical run-of-the-mill mortgage company and loan officer. You have a serious interest in discussing how Winner's Mortgage and you can partner together to increase business for both parties and serve customers. This is essential for our meeting to be productive for both of us.
  • Enter any comments or specific questions below.
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