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Real Estate Agents!

Multiply Your Real Estate Revenue With the Winner’s Agent Profit Plan

Three secrets to amaze, close and prosper more in your real estate business.

Review our strategy below, then set up our one-to-one meeting to discover how you can profit more in your real estate business.

How our system captures leads for you that you can automatically follow up with drip campaigns to stay top of mind and WIN more business for you.

Wouldn’t it be great to get the warmest possible leads early in the real estate process?  And maybe even get those leads before your competition knows about them?  Then automatically keep in touch with them so you can receive new closed business?

When we work together, our state of the art system gives this to you.

Here is how our formula for success works.

I’m Harvey Bernard, a Real Mortgage Consultant, not just some typical run of the mill loan officer.

I want my customers to WIN with their mortgage, not lose like most people lose, and they don’t even know they are losing!

And if you and I are a good fit to work together, I want to partner with you so that we can both WIN even more in our businesses!  My goal is when we work together you can multiply your real estate revenue with the Winner’s Agent Profit Plan.  You WIN even more, then I WIN too!

Unleash the power of my exclusive Winner’s Agent Profit Plan, and multiply your real estate revenue with these strategies from our formula for success.

Closing more business with the warmest possible leads and awesome follow up begins with your unique Text to Lead Shortcode.  You can depend on it.

You put your exclusive shortcode on your own single property website for your listing.

You can also put it on your own reusable sign riders.

Use it at your open houses.  Visitors can get information on the home sent direct to their phone.  Even better, you will want to personally show it to them right there at the open house.  It’s an easy way to get their contact information.

Better yet, choose your own special shortcode, making it even easier for your leads to use it.

Nothing else even comes close.

For example, my shortcode is WINNERS.

You can also put your shortcode on your ListPack.  It will serve you faithfully.

With your ListPack, nurture your leads and capture the attention of potential clients.  Instantly share collections of beautiful homes with your sphere of influence, complete with your branding, contact information and your specific shortcode.  Choose from pre curated ListPacks or easily customize your own.  And it stays up to date as new listings are added to the MLS.  You get this free when we work together.  It’s our standard of excellence to support you in growing your business.

Wherever your prospect gets your exclusive shortcode, when they text it to the eight hundred number that goes with it, that lead comes instantly straight to you.  You can be in control.

And your prospect immediately receives the information they requested.  It’s as good as it gets.

Plus, you know that their contact information is correct because they had to enter it correctly to receive what they requested.  This means you don’t have to chase false phone numbers any more.

When you follow up right away, studies prove that you have the best chance to win the relationship and work with your new customer.

And, as you probably know, today’s modern buyers prefer getting information by text instead of email.  This is why text messages have an open rate of ninety eight percent, where email is typically thirty two percent or less!

Here’s how you can easily automate the follow up process with our text drip campaign messages.

We have two different text drips you can use. Our “Just Listed” texts are perfect for your buyer clients still out shopping, and our “Just Sold” texts are great to help you win new listing clients.

Blow away the competition.  These are yours when we work together.

Set up your buyers with text & email alerts of fresh listings they may be interested in based on their search criteria.

Insulate your clients from your competitors with Recently Sold alerts keeping you top of mind and your homeowners informed about the real estate market and similar homes in their area.

And every alert is co branded with contact information for both of us.

This is just one of the many powerful, business building ideas you and I can use to partner together for our mutual benefit.

Your next step is to complete the form below and select the strategies that resonate the most with you.

Let me know which ones you want to learn more about.  Complete the form, then select a time on my calendar to schedule our personal meeting together in person or online.  We will go deeper into the practical, five star strategies we can use to build our businesses together.

This is not about you giving your real estate leads to me, although honestly, that will probably happen too.  This is about how we work together to create business for both of us that we would not otherwise receive.

Once you’ve generated all those leads with your unique shortcode, now follow up the easy way with our automatic text drip campaigns.  It’s a great way to stay top of mind with your leads.

So, go ahead, send in the form.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.  We’ll discover how together we can bring so much extra value for you to amaze, close and prosper more in your real estate business.  You’ll be so happy you did.

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