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Real Estate Agents!

Multiply Your Real Estate Revenue With the Winner’s Agent Profit Plan

Three secrets to amaze, close and prosper more in your real estate business.

Review our strategy below, then set up our one-to-one meeting to discover how you can profit more in your real estate business.

How a Real Mortgage Consultant, not just a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer, strengthens your client relationship and closing.

With so many thousands and thousands of real estate agents in the market, how do you stand out?

Will you be just another of the many typical run of the mill real estate agents out there, or will you choose to be different?  Will you decide to go the distance and give your client extraordinary service?

And when you choose the mortgage originator to associate with, are you going to put your reputation on the line with just a typical run of the mill loan officer who does nothing special except get the loan closed, if you’re lucky?  Or will you decide to stand head and shoulders in a class by yourself above the crowd of agents?

Your reputation, either good or bad, is created with each one of your marketing decisions, with how you work with your clients, and with whom you associate for your customer’s mortgage financing.

Are you only going to be nothing special as just one of thousands of typical run of the mill real estate agents?  Or will you really be so exceptional that you are worthy of raving five star reviews every time?  And then new customers are attracted to you with the power of a tidal wave?  It is your choice.

I’m Harvey Bernard, a Real Mortgage Consultant, not just some typical run of the mill loan officer.

I want my customers to WIN with their mortgage, not lose like most people lose, and they don’t even know they are losing!

And if you and I are a good fit to work together, I want to partner with you so that we can both WIN even more in our businesses!  My goal is when we work together you can multiply your real estate revenue with the Winner’s Agent Profit Plan.  You WIN even more, then I WIN too!

Unleash the power of my exclusive Winner’s Agent Profit Plan, and multiply your real estate revenue with these strategies from our formula for success.

When you choose a mortgage originator to associate with, it reveals the plain honest truth about who you are as a real estate agent.

Choose a Real Mortgage Consultant, not just a typical run of the mill loan officer, and it will do so much to strengthen your client relationship and closing.  You can stand out as a phenomenal real estate agent, and not just a typical run of the mill agent.  Nothing else even comes close.

Why does it make so much difference to your customer to work with a Real Mortgage Consultant?  Your customer WINS.  And when your customer WINS, you WIN.  Here is the straight talk about what you and your customer get with a Real Mortgage Consultant, that you will never get with just a typical run of the mill loan officer, and how that sets your standard of excellence with your clients.  A Real Mortgage Consultant is the gold standard for you and your customer to WIN.

And what is the difference between a Real Mortgage Consultant and just a typical run of the mill loan officer?  We explode the myths about mortgages.

It is the difference in having a heart for your customer’s best interest, not just doing what is best for the loan officer.  We honor, uphold and serve, so accept no substitutes.

It is the difference in focusing on what is really important for your customer, not just doing what seems easy but doesn’t really matter.  Watch us work hard for you.

It is the difference in providing a real education through the process, not just getting through it to make money.  We’ll make you feel like an expert.

It is the difference in willingness to work with your customer long term if necessary, not just a quick paycheck.  You can depend on us for now and forever.

It is the difference in giving your customer a real, solid pre approval based on actual verified information, not just a worthless pre qualification.  Rock solid, you can sleep with peace of mind.

It is the difference in working with your customer to be financially free, not just in bondage to a mortgage forever.  Don’t settle for less.

Make a real difference in your business and discover the real difference a Real Mortgage Consultant, not just a typical run of the mill loan officer, will make for growing your business even more!  The choice is as clear as crystal.

This is just one of the many powerful, business building ideas you and I can use to partner together for our mutual benefit.

Your next step is to complete the form below and select the strategies that resonate the most with you.

Let me know which ones you want to learn more about.  Complete the form, then select a time on my calendar to schedule our personal meeting together in person or online.  We will go deeper into the practical, five star strategies we can use to build our businesses together.

This is not about you giving your real estate leads to me, although honestly, that will probably happen too.  This is about how we work together to create business for both of us that we would not otherwise receive.

So, go ahead, send in the form.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.  We’ll discover how together we can bring so much extra value for you to amaze, close and prosper more in your real estate business.  You’ll be so happy you did.

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