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You Can Have Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Freedom from financial worries.

Freedom to have choices in your life.

Freedom to not be unreasonably restricted by money.

That freedom is not reality for most Americans.

In fact, in my studies of the typical American household, I have found that only 5% of Americans achieve this elusive goal of WINNING financial freedom.

Sadly, 95% of Americans are financial losers.

They are slaves to loan payments – credit cards, car loans, student loans, mortgage.

They keep making those payments, doing the work, giving the money to the lenders, making the lenders wealthy, letting the lenders WIN while they keep working, remain poor and lose.

It’s financial slavery – and 95% of Americans are there, slaves to creditors.

Never free from work.

Never free from financial worries.

Even if they have no more loan payments, they haven’t accumulated enough money to be financially free. They have to keep working to survive.

What is financial freedom?

Think of it as residual income – income that comes in on a regular basis whether you work or not.

Income that you don’t have to work for. You’ve already done the work, now the money works for you.

That’s an important point – you need to get to the place in your life where money works for you, and you no longer need to work for money.

When you make loan payments to creditors, you work for money. You make someone else rich.

When you are free of loan payments and you have investments, money works for you. Money makes you rich.

That’s a powerful difference!

The example of the Typical American Household

A typical American household can pay off all loans – credit cards, car loans, student loans, mortgage – normally in about 6-10 years on their current income.

This may seem incredible, and it’s true!

When you understand how the plan works, you will see that it is for real! What’s left is for you to follow the plan. Anyone who commits themselves to it can do it.

It works every time it’s used!

Then once you have made your last loan payment, take that same money you were wasting on loan payments and invest it for yourself.

In the same time you would have normally paid off a 30-year mortgage the regular way, you could potentially have one million dollars ($1,000,000) or more put away in investments!

This is the point where you could be financially free!

Think about that one million dollars ($1,000,000) . . .

If you were to leave that million dollars ($1,000,000) just sitting there in an investment and live off the interest it could produce, do you have any idea what kind of income that could be?

At a 10% rate of return (which is not an unusual return over a period of time), that million dollars ($1,000,000) will produce about $8,300 per month in income, without ever touching the million dollars ($1,000,000)!

You can have more, or less, depending on how much accumulates and the actual rate of return. And whatever the actual numbers, this principle applies. Only the actual numbers change.

This is the principle of true residual income.

In this example, the $8,300 will come every month whether you work or not.

It’s automatic!

As long as you have done your part first.

Ask yourself . . .

When you know that it is possible . . .

When you know that the math works . . .

When you know that so many people before you have done it and become financially free for themselves . . .

Will you commit yourself to following the plan?

Will you be different than the culture, of whom 95% fail financially?

Will you decide to be part of the 5% who succeed?

Will you make that totally life-changing commitment for yourself?

The earlier in your life you make this decision, the better.

Yet it never has to be too late. Start now and do what you can. It will always be better than if you never started at all.

Contact us for more information on how it works and we’ll do everything we can for you.

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