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Your Most Important Mortgage Choice

Two types of mortgage originators

When you need a mortgage loan, you could end up with one of two types of mortgage originators to work with.

Your most important mortgage choice is between a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer or a Real Mortgage Consultant.

The most common type . . .

The typical run-of-the-mill loan officer.

Mortgage advertising makes it sound like all that matters is finding the lowest interest rate and fees.

Then the people who need the mortgage loan willingly and blindly follow along not really knowing any better, only thinking about rates and fees, thinking that is how they should choose who to work with on the mortgage.

They call around from loan officer to typical run-of-the-mill loan officer, asking about interest rate and fees, choosing the lowest numbers, and thinking they have made the best decision.

They don’t even think to consider whether the loan that was quoted is real.

Or if they can actually qualify for the loan that was quoted.

If it even applies to their situation.

Or if that loan officer actually knows what he or she is doing.

So short sighted!

This would be like choosing a physician for your operation based on who charges the lowest price, no matter how good they are.  See more about it here.

But most people don’t know any better. That’s how they have been trained to think. So that’s what they do.

Instead there is a better option.

A Real Mortgage Consultant.

A Real Mortgage Consultant may very likely have the lowest interest rate and fees. Or maybe not. But, if not, it will be close.

What can you expect from a Real Mortgage Consultant?


A Real Mortgage Consultant will take the time to explain your options, to show how the loan process will work, and to make sure you know what to expect and what you need to do.


This is often notoriously missing in typical run-of-the-mill mortgage loan officer activities. Instead, a Real Mortgage Consultant will make great communication part of the education you receive. Normally a Real Mortgage Consultant will update you on each step of the process, so unnecessary surprises are minimized.

Calculations of your best choices

A Real Mortgage Consultant will calculate your loan options, give you the facts and help you decide what is really best for you.

Long-term strategy

Not only do you need to calculate and choose the loan option that is in your short-term best interest, it is also critical to consider how that choice will affect you long-term. A Real Mortgage Consultant will help you do so.

Financial freedom plan

A Real Mortgage Consultant will not only talk about your mortgage, but will also help you with a plan to be completely free of all loan payments, typically in about 6-10 years on your current income, then potentially become a millionaire in the same time you would otherwise pay off your mortgage.

An ongoing relationship

A Real Mortgage Consultant will view your mortgage as the beginning of a long-term relationship, not just as a mortgage transaction. After the loan closes and the commission is paid, a Real Mortgage Consultant will still be there for you to answer questions and to help provide motivation for your ongoing plan.

Here is more information.

Your best choice

Clearly, a Real Mortgage Consultant is your best choice. A Real Mortgage Consultant will have about the same interest rate and fees as a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer. Yet you receive so much extra value from the Real Mortgage Consultant.

A Real Mortgage Consultant is always your best choice, not the typical run-of-the-mill loan officer.

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