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WIN With Your Mortgage!
You don’t have to lose like most people lose!
And they don’t even know they are losing!

Get Started!  Please fill out our Client Questionnaire above.

Completing our Client Questionnaire is the very best way to let us help you.  Please fill out all information to the best of your knowledge.  Don’t worry if everything is not done exactly right, we will take what you complete and finish it from there in our office.

By clicking on the “Submit” button, you will be expressly authorizing us to check your credit and to contact you. Your authorization overrides any “do not call” restrictions you may have registered with any federal or state “do-not-call list”.

We will then contact you to begin your awesome Winner’s Mortgage experience!  We look forward to serving you!

Your data is secure and protected by our 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate.

Note:  The best way for you to “Get Started” is to create your account above and fill out our “Client Questionnaire”.  If you have some questions before you start, or if you run into a problem, schedule a quick “Get Acquainted” phone call or online meeting here so we can help you!  We want to do everything possible so you can WIN with your mortgage, not lose like most people lose, and they don’t even know they are losing!

For freedom,

Harvey Bernard, Real Mortgage Consultant

Is something holding you back?

Watch the video above, or read below.  Be assured, you’re in the right place!

When I’m thinking of getting started working with someone, I need to have a strong feeling of comfort that I am making the right choice, as reliable as the sunrise.  This is especially true for me when it’s my first experience with a person or a company.

And it’s even more true when it’s one of the biggest decisions of my life.  The plain and simple truth is that I can’t afford to get it wrong.  I simply must get it right.

The problem is that with your mortgage, probably the largest financial transaction of your life, it can be so easy to get it wrong.  I am here to assure you that you are getting it right when you “Get Started” right here.  You’ll become a believer.

Hi, Harvey Bernard here, your Real Mortgage Consultant with Winner’s Mortgage, not just some typical run of the mill loan officer.  I want you to WIN with your mortgage.  You don’t have to lose like most people lose.  And they don’t even know they are losing!

Our exclusive Winner’s Mortgage Program is just the beginning of an exceptional mortgage experience for you.  Ease your mind and don’t settle for less.

It starts with understanding why our Winner’s Mortgage Program is so different from just any typical run of the mill mortgage company.  It’s on my home page “Go here for why the Winner’s Mortgage Program loan process is different.”

You will enjoy the advantages of our six phase Winner’s Mortgage purchase or refinance loan process.  The details of either the “Purchase” process or the “Refinance” process are on my home page.  It’s our standard of excellence so you can WIN.

And it doesn’t end there.  I give you so much more.  Nothing else even comes close.

Every Winner’s Mortgage customer receives membership in our powerful and private Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan Members’ Area.  More details about our one and only Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan is on our home page.  Our ultimate Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan easily retails at six thousand nine hundred eighty five dollars, and we give it to you free with your mortgage.

With our unmatched and unrivaled Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan, you get everything you need to WIN with your mortgage.  You get all this during the loan process and, most importantly, it continues even after your financing is done.  It’s the gold standard you can depend on.

All we need from you to Get Started is this.  Simply enter your information on our easy, trouble free Get Started Client Questionnaire above.  Set up your no obligation free account above and enter your information on the following screens.  It’s simple, it’s safe.  And did I say there is no obligation?

Then upload your documents that will be needed to our secure online site.  We’ll follow up with you and schedule a time to talk!

I’m Harvey Bernard, your Real Mortgage Consultant with Winner’s Mortgage, not just some typical run of the mill loan officer.  I want you to WIN with your mortgage.  You don’t have to lose like most people lose.  And they don’t even know they are losing!

There is no obligation and no commitment.  And it’s easy to get started.

When you do this, it gives us the information we need to give you the best possible help and options for you.  It’s strictly confidential with the added security of legendary quality and service.

Without this information, anything we tell you won’t be much good to you.  We really need to know the details of your situation to help you with your best choices.  Then you can sleep with peace of mind.

So, go ahead, let’s “Get Started!” and I look forward to talking with you soon!  You’ll be so glad you did!

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