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Why our exclusive Winner’s Mortgage Program is so different than any other mortgage company.

Winner’s Mortgage Program exclusive purchase loan process

The Winner’s Mortgage Program

Our exclusive defined process to your opportunity for the best possible mortgage financing and your ultimate freedom …

Coaching you through possibly the largest financial transaction of your life, and an awesome experience for you.

The Winner’s Mortgage Program loan process unfolds in six phases … and you will learn …

How to Pay Less for Your Mortgage With Three Simple Secrets

Secret #1 – How to Get the Lowest Cost Mortgage Without the Pain of Shopping Interest Rates and Fees

Secret #2 – How to Know for Sure You Are Getting the Right Mortgage for You, Even if You Know Nothing About Mortgages

Secret #3 – How to Get the Mortgage That Will Help You Win Financially, Not the One That Will Rip You Off


Phase 1 – Analysis

You discover the Winner’s Mortgage Program

In Phase 1, the Analysis phase, you have reviewed our Winner’s Mortgage website, and you have discovered how our exclusive Winner’s Mortgage Program is the best way to obtain your mortgage financing for your purchase.

You fill out our Client Questionnaire

This gives your Real Mortgage Consultant the information Winner’s Mortgage needs to discuss your situation with you. When you submit the form, we will obtain a copy of your credit report and follow up with you to schedule our first “Get Acquainted” meeting.

Our “Get Acquainted” meeting

Your Real Mortgage Consultant and you will meet together. We’ll meet either in our office or in an online meeting (such as Zoom).

We’ll talk about and answer your questions on why the Winner’s Mortgage Program is so essential to your WINNING with your mortgage.

We’ll also review why it is so important that you work with a Real Mortgage Consultant and not just a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer.

This will be the beginning our great relationship together, and we’ll talk about how we will have an awesome alliance working together so you can WIN!

We’ll get to know you better.

What are you looking for and what do you want to accomplish? What are your goals and aspirations?

What is your current situation? What obstacles do you need to overcome?

We’ll talk about any additional information that is needed and any clarification to what you already entered.

We will also need the necessary documents that the lender requires to support your information and to provide your real pre-approval letter. We’ll talk about how you can get those documents to us.

We’ll choose your loan program and the best possible interest rate according to the current market so that we can provide your real pre-approval. With your real pre-approval letter, you will be able to start looking for your next home.

We’ll talk about the next steps to get your real pre-approval letter for you and how the process will go from here.

We agree when your Real Mortgage Consultant will contact you with your real pre-approval letter.

Your Real Mortgage Consultant contacts you to provide your real pre-approval letter.

We’ll talk about what it means and what happens next.

We unlock your membership in the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan.

As we move through the loan process, your membership will be unlocked step by step providing you with access to more and more information throughout the six phases of the Winner’s Mortgage Program.

Here is what you receive at the end of Phase 1.

When your financing closes, you have signed the paperwork, and you own your new home, you will have full membership in the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan.


Phase 2 – Planning

Your Real Mortgage Consultant provided you with your real pre-approval letter at the end of Phase 1. You discussed what it means for you and your next steps. Your membership in the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan was unlocked and you received access to the Phase 1 information.

Here is what happens in Phase 2 – Planning.

Your Real Mortgage Consultant recommends an awesome real estate agent for you.

Winner’s Mortgage has a great team of real estate agents that we work with. We will go through our roster of available agents that we network with and introduce you and the agent. You can begin working together to find a great home for you.

If you already have a real estate agent that you know working with you, we’re happy to join with your agent and you. Who knows, through your home purchase, we may get to know another great agent we would like to add to our roster of available real estate agents.

You and your real estate agent begin shopping for your next home.

As you work together with each other, Winner’s Mortgage will have your pre-approval on hold waiting to hear from that you have found your possible next home.

Winner’s Mortgage unlocks your Phase 2 membership in the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan.

As you begin shopping for your next home, you will have access to these next components of the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan to help you.

Do not make any changes in your pre-approval situation.

In the meantime, you need to be very careful that you do not do anything to change your situation and possibly invalidate your pre-approval. For example, don’t apply for new credit, don’t spend any money you wouldn’t normally spend, don’t quit or change jobs.

If in doubt about anything, talk with your Real Mortgage Consultant first before you take any actions. Failure to do this correctly could mean that you will end up no longer having the pre-approval that you thought you had.

This advice applies through all phases of your purchase loan process until you sign the final documents and own your own home at the closing.

You found your next home and your purchase offer is accepted.

You make an offer with an inspection contingency to the seller.

Once you have a fully signed purchase agreement with the seller, your real estate agent sends it to Winner’s Mortgage.

You confirm your purchase offer with the home inspection.

You and your real estate agent work together to order the home inspection. You need to be as certain as possible at this point that there are no problems with the property that will require a renegotiation of your purchase or require you to cancel and move on to another property.

The inspection is completed.

When you receive the inspection report, you and your real estate agent will discuss three possible options.

1 – You proceed with your purchase as agreed with the seller.

2 – You need to renegotiate certain aspects of the purchase based on information that was found in the inspection. If that is necessary, the mortgage process is on hold awaiting the resolution of this step. The seller could agree to the renegotiation or the seller does not re-negotiate and you then decide whether to proceed on that basis or look for a new home.

3 – You decide not to proceed and cancel your purchase agreement with the seller. In that case, you continue looking for other homes.

When you have a completed inspection and final purchase agreement, your Real Mortgage Consultant and Winner’s Mortgage move into Phase 3 to prepare your home financing and purchase for the lender’s approval.


Phase 3 – Loan Application

When you and your real estate agent confirm that you have a final purchase agreement, your Real Mortgage Consultant and Winner’s Mortgage move into the next phase, Phase 3 – Loan Application.

Winner’s Mortgage unlocks your Phase 3 membership in the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan.

Once we enter Phase 3 upon receiving your final signed purchase agreement, you will have access to these next components of the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan to coach you through the process.

You send us additional documents needed

Winner’s Mortgage will ask you for any additional documents needed that the lender will require to process your loan application.

These documents could include updates of documents that you have previous provided, such as more recent pay statements or bank statements.

It could include any additional documents that the lender will request that we did not previously request from you.

You will want to do this quickly so that time is not unnecessarily wasted. Once a purchase agreement is finalized, and a defined closing date has been identified, a number of steps must happen in a timely manner between now and then to make sure you can close on time. Otherwise, your closing could be delayed which will affect the many parties involved.

We will send you the loan application to sign.

You will receive two sets of loan applications and supporting documents to sign electronically. The email will contain instructions on how to do this. It is not difficult and your Real Mortgage Consultant will help you with any questions.

One set will come from us and another set from the lender that will be doing your loan.

One disclosure document will be the Loan Estimate form showing the expected fees for your mortgage.

Title opinion & title insurance.

We will order a title opinion from the title company. They will research the history of ownership (title) on the home you are purchasing.

The title company will confirm that there is no potential conflict in the ownership of your home that may occur after you take possession of the property.

They will further guarantee their opinion by insuring the title for the benefit of the lender. You will pay for the lender’s insurance at closing. You can also purchase the same insurance for yourself at a reduced rate when you do so at closing.

This is to insure that there is not a rare event later where an unexpected claim on the ownership of your home comes up.


We will order an appraisal of the home you are purchasing.

The licensed appraiser works as the eyes of the lender to report back on the property the lender will have as security (collateral) for the loan.

The appraiser will judge the value of the home based on other homes in the area that are similar to the one you are buying. As long as that value is equal to or higher than your purchase price, it will pass that test for the lender.

The appraiser will also review the condition of the property to determine if there is anything serious that needs to be repaired or changed. These requirements can be different depending on the loan program.

If the appraiser reports that the value is less than your purchase price, or if there are significant items that need to be repaired, this will require further discussion with your real estate agent and your Real Mortgage Consultant to decide on a plan.

If the appraisal comes back with a higher value than your purchase price and no required repairs, then the appraisal should be good to go, assuming no unexpected issues from the lender.

Employment, bank account verifications, and tax transcripts.

If the lender requires these, we will order verifications of your employment status from your employer and your bank accounts from your bank to confirm the pay statements and bank statements you provided.

Be aware that the lender will probably contact your employer the day of closing to confirm you still work there. So, this is another reminder to not make any significant changes in your situation before your home purchase transaction actually closes. Many stories are out there of how this mistake has canceled a home purchase at the last minute that otherwise would have closed.

We can also request your tax transcripts from the IRS. The lender uses this to confirm that the information you report generally matches what you tell the IRS.

We send your application to the lender for underwriting.

With all of these components of your application in place, we submit all of it to the lender for their review and approval.


Phase 4 – Underwriting

Winner’s Mortgage unlocks your Phase 4 membership in the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan.

When we send your loan application to the lender, we enter Phase 4 of the loan process. At this point we also open access to these next components of your Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan to coach you through the process.

In Phase 4, the lender reviews your application and will respond with their decision.

This decision should not come as a surprise in most cases since we have done our due diligence up front in issuing your pre-approval.

Most likely, this will be an approval with conditions. This means that your application is approved, with the exception that something will need to be done yet to get final approval.

Some conditions may require a response from you. That could include additional documents or an explanation for something the lender saw in your application.

These are really treated on a case by case basis.

Your Real Mortgage Consultant will communicate with you on progress and what may be needed.

Lock your interest rate.

If it hasn’t been done already, we will consult with you and lock your interest rate for your loan.

This will guarantee your loan interest rate provided your loan closes and funds within the lock period specified. Possible lock periods are usually 15, 30, 45 or 60 days.

Review conditions.

The lender will review fulfillment of the conditions we provide to the lender and respond as needed.

The lender issues the “clear to close”

Once all conditions are satisfied, the lender issues the “clear to close” and we move to Phase 5.


Phase 5 – Closing

When all conditions for your financing are satisfied with the lender, the lender issues the “clear to close” and we move into Phase 5 – Closing.

Winner’s Mortgage unlocks your Phase 5 membership in the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan.

With your “clear to close” from the lender, we enter Phase 5 of the loan process and we start getting ready to close your financing and your home purchase. We also open access to the Phase 5 components of your Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan.


Your closing is scheduled

If this hasn’t already been done, your loan will be scheduled for closing. The date, time and location to sign the documents will be established.

This will be done in coordination with you, the seller, the lender, and your real estate agent.

Your closing documents are produced by the lender

We will review the closing documents to be sure that everything is in order.

The lender will send the Closing Disclosure to you in advance of the closing so you know what to expect.

Your cash to close

We will communicate the exact amount of funds you will need to bring to the closing.

Please obtain a cashier’s check for that amount drawn on the account you put on your application and bring the check to closing.

At the closing

A representative from the title company will manage the closing. This may be held at the title company office, a real estate office, our mortgage office, or some other pre-agreed location.

You will sign the necessary loan papers at the closing and provide the cashier’s check that you brought with you.

The title company will process the funds from the lender and from you and distribute the funds to all relevant parties.

You will receive your keys to your new home.

Congratulations! You own your new home!

What’s next?

For a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer, this will be the end of the process, and there is a good chance you may never hear from this typical run-of-the-mill loan officer again.

However, for a Real Mortgage Consultant, closing on your new home is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship …

A relationship to provide tools and do whatever possible to help you WIN your freedom from loan payments, freedom from your job, and freedom to do what you want.

With a Real Mortgage Consultant, you will move on to Phase 6 – Freedom. This is a lifelong relationship if you choose to take advantage of all that is available.


Phase 6 – Freedom

Your purchase has closed, you’ve received the keys and you own your new home! Awesome!

We move to Phase 6 – Freedom. This is territory that only a Real Mortgage Consultant will know. A typical run-of-the-mill loan officer will have no idea.

Your Real Mortgage Consultant is still available and with you even after the closing.

Winner’s Mortgage unlocks your Phase 6 membership in the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan.

Now you are set up with the tools and ongoing coaching you need to be free of all loan payments, free of your job, and free to do what you want.

You will have what you need, although there are no guarantees. It will be up to you to use the tools and do what it takes.

And when you do, you have the very real potential to become part of the 5% of people who WIN financially. You don’t have to lose any more like the 95% who lose.

You now receive full membership in the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan. An abundance of information will open to you. Here is what you will have access to use for your potential freedom when you do what you need to do.

Freedom from loan payments

When you take responsibility and do what you need for your success, it’s a great idea to start with the Loan Payment Freedom Secrets Master Class.

Loan Payment Freedom Secrets teaches how you can potentially pay off this new mortgage and all your other loans in as little as 6-10 years on your current income.

Use the bonus packs – The Drill Down Pack, The Action Pack, The Do It Now Pack, in addition to The Crush It Pack which you received earlier – to help accelerate your success.

Freedom from your job and freedom to do what you want

As you become free of all loan payments, giving yourself fewer demands on your income, you can also work to develop other sources of income.

At some point, the timing will depend on each individual family and situation, it could be a few years, and you will cross an awesome threshold where you can see the very real possibility that you can give up the income from your job.

Then, as you can develop additional residual income that comes in whether you work or not, you can be free to do what you want.

Honestly, this process can take some time, so it is important to manage expectations.

This is what is critical to remember. If you never start, you will never get there.

And you start today by choosing a Real Mortgage Consultant with Winner’s Mortgage where you can receive the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan as a free gift with your mortgage – something that you will never get with just any typical run-of-the-mill loan officer.

So, while it is a process that can take a few years or more to execute, this is a great way to get started with something you are going to do anyway – a mortgage for your next home purchase.

Take advantage of it and give yourself every advantage you can.

Why would you settle for just getting the mortgage with a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer and get nothing else?

Instead, use the Winner’s Mortgage Program to do a great job on your mortgage with a Real Mortgage Consultant and Winner’s Mortgage, then use the Winner’s Mortgage Master Plan to potentially become part of the 5% of people who WIN, not the 95% who lose.

It’s awesome, and you have the very real possibility to make it true for you!

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