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The Power of Your Real Mortgage Consultant

In another article I discussed "The Power of a Coach" – and how people who are successful often get there or have even more success through "The Power of a Coach". The same is true for your mortgage financing. In…

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The Power of a Coach

In another article, I discussed Your Most Important Mortgage Choice – the choice between a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer and a Real Mortgage Consultant. The difference is like night and day. A typical run-of-the-mill loan officer just quotes interest rates…

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You Can Have Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom Freedom from financial worries. Freedom to have choices in your life. Freedom to not be unreasonably restricted by money. That freedom is not reality for most Americans. In fact, in my studies of the typical American household, I…

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Freedom, Imagine It!

Loan Payment Freedom Secrets Why would you be completely free of loan payments? It's contrary to everything you have been taught. Debt has become the American way to have what you need and want. Some say that the economy depends…

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Mortgages and Drugs, the Side Effects

Mortgages and drugs - so much alike Mortgages and drugs are so common in our culture today. They can be good – or bad. It all depends on how they are used. Think about drugs. Drugs can be used for…

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Who Are You Making Rich?

You get the mortgage loan. You make the payments. Usually, 360 payments over 30 years. Paying back about double, or more, what you borrowed. That's 100% interest – or more. You do the work. The bank, the mortgage lender, gets…

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What Is Your Interest Rate?

Understand the different interest rates Interest rate is the primary factor most people look at when deciding on a loan. Yet, as I explain in my Loan Payment Freedom Secrets seminar, focusing on the interest rate can blind you to…

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